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It must have happened many times in your life that you want to just go and talk to a person because you just want to have an interesting conversation to happen and you want the other person to like you. But when you finally decide to go and just talk to that person you ran out of word you really don't know how to approach and what to say to that person. This article How to talk to people for the first time will give you a step by step approach that will make you a people of person.

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How to instantly connect with anyone

These are some of the best technique from 92 technique which is described in the book how to talk to anyone.

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How to instantly connect with anyone

                                     Technique 1: 
                                   WHAT TO SAY:
This is the most important technique. Mostly we don't know what to say to a stranger so we just stand there and do nothing which later on hurt deeply our self-confidence. So the first technique is just go and said whatever is in your mind

80% of you listeners impression has nothing to do with first words. Almost anything you say is fine. So don't just wait for a miracle or wait for a perfect opportunity or line to go and speak to that person.
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How to instantly connect with anyone


                                  Technique 2&3:     
                                 HOW TO SAY IT.

You are most beautiful when you are smiling and laughing. So give your partner a flooding smile. When you greet someone, wait and look into the person's face for a second.soak in their persona. Then let a big smile run over your face. The delay coveys that the smile is only for them and you are not faking it.

Give everyone you meet big baby pivot. As you meet a cute baby and you give all your attention to that baby.Similarly so the same with a new acquaintance. Give them warm smile, the total body turn towards them, undivided attention and a big toothless grin. Pivoting 100 %toward new people shouts 'I think you are very special, very special'

                                     TECHNIQUE 4:
                            STILL, DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY

If you are a very shy person and you are completely blank on the first word's to start the conversation,
No problem! Just slide up behind that person you want to talk too and open your ear. Wait for an interesting topic or excuse and jump in the conversation. Excuse me and then just jump in with excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear.
And soon you will be the part of the conversation 

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How to instantly connect with anyone

                                          TECHNIQUE 5:
                          WHEN CONVERSATION BEGINS:

Now, I assume that the conversation in started. So try this. When you meet someone to imagine a spotlight that will throw light on whoever is speaking and your goal is to make the other person blind by maximizing the time of spotlight on the other people. The longer you keep the spotlight away from you the more interesting he or she will find you.
And when you get to speak start every sentence with YOU. It immediately grabs your listeners attention.
You decide which sound more great,'I like your suit' or 'YOU look great in the suit'
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How to instantly connect with anyone

If you are running out of words then just repeat the last words of your conversation partner and then the spotlight will be fixed on for some more time. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN AND REPEAT THE LAST WORDS.

Now you have all the basic technique. All you now need to do is to test them and repeat them several times, learn from your mistakes, constantly improve yourself. and believe in yourself                             
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How to instantly connect with anyone

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